The fastest way to make a timeline.
Free, easy, and instant.
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The simplest way to track things.
We made the progress bar into a checklist.
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The handiest resource scheduling.
Right there on the timeline.
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Allocation on your terms.
No setup hassle.
75% Available
Just type names.
10 hours / week
Or placeholders.
Audit team
2 people / day
Assembly bay 2
6 hours
Instant totals, by day, week, month, or quarter.

Plan many things.
Lots of projects, lots of phases, lots of people.
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Roll everything up, like a satellite view.

That's it! That's Planimatic.
A tool, not an ecosystem.
Built by people who like things simple and reliable.
Free 2-month trial.
Free 2-month trial.
$99 / year.
$749 / year.
1 plan owner.
Unlimited plan owners.
Unlimited plans.
Unlimited plans.

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